About Us

About Us

As with so many beautiful endeavors -the M² Canvas Worx story began when a boy met a girl.

Melanie and Michael were teenagers when they first met.  While they had always been friendly and occasionally flirty, it wasn’t until after college that love started to blossom.  As with many tales of true love, dating gave way to an earnest proposal, which gave way to their own little fairytale wedding in 2012.

...this is where the story veers a little from the traditional and into the creative.

Where other newlyweds would be starting their lives together by buying a house, getting a dog, or perhaps starting a family – Melanie and Michael took a different path that was authentic and honest to who they were.  Picking up paintbrushes and putting paint to canvas, the young couple spent their honeymoon phase soaking in, learning, and crafting their own unique skills and vision through the splendor of abstract art.  Through the years, they studied and they expressed.  They grew and they explored.  And through it all?  They loved. 

...which brings us to present day.  

After eight years, we are ready to share our vision, our journey, and our art with the world.  M² Canvas Worx was officially founded in 2020 to offers bright, vibrant, and fun pieces of abstract art that are bursting with color and teeming with soul.  With original pieces designed to inspire and spark imagination, and exclusive custom creations cultivated to your specific vision, the transcendent canvas creations available through our online store are sure to make an impact.  While we established M² Canvas Worx in our picturesque home of North Carolina in the United States, we are proud to share our work with a global audience of abstract art lovers and interior decorators alike through our exclusive online art boutique and gallery. 

M² Canvas Worx is so much more than our business – it is our passion project.  It is our expression of love – not just for each other as husband and wife, but of our love and admiration for this fun, gorgeous, silly, breathtaking, joyous, heartbreaking, and fleeting experience of life that we all have the honor of walking through together.  Our pieces are a celebration for every person, in every place, at any time – and we are honored to share our tiny little speck of the story with you.